The world's first sunlight sensor

Designed to change the lives of lupus warriors
Manage your sunlight exposure
Measure your exact UV exposure in real time
Know when you approach your daily UV limit
Be confident you're getting essential vitamin D

Wait, what's a sunlight sensor?

Shade is a wearable sensor that scientifically measures UV and takes the guesswork out of managing sunlight exposure.

How Shade Works

How Shade works

Sensor + app = Shade

Our smartly designed sensor attaches to your clothes. It syncs with our app to give you all-day insight and alert you as you approach your daily UV limit.

What's my daily UV limit?

Everyone’s daily UV limit is different — Shade will enable you to find yours and fine-tune it to fit your life.

Professional equipment. Stylish package.

Shade was designed by doctors and scientists at Cornell University, yet is stylish enough to be mistaken for jewelry.

Precise enough to measure UV from lightbulbs

Shade has engineered a proprietary diode and advanced calibration to deliver ultra-precise measurements of UVA and UVB rays.

Watch our sensor measure UV in the NYC subway:

Our app puts insight in your pocket

+ Check your UV exposure anytime
+ Get timely exposure notifications
+ Easily track your symptoms

Connected + communicative

Every time you get 20% closer to your daily UV limit, the sensor vibrates and the app sends you a notification, so you know exactly when to take action.

Animation of Shade app and sensor

Love my Shade sensor! I love seeing the correlation between my UV exposure and how I'm feeling.

Shade has provided an additional resource to help manage my symptoms, I wouldn't go without it.

The Shade sensor has given me the confidence to resume a short walk outdoors each day.

I love this thing! It has helped me learn a lot about my body in a very short time.

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