Wait, what's a sunlight sensor?

The Shade sensor is a breakthrough scientific way to track your exact UV exposure in real time.

Using Shade takes the guesswork out of managing your UV exposure so you can stress less and live your life.

How Shade Works

How Shade works

Sensor + app = Shade

The compact, smartly designed Shade sensor attaches to your clothing with a magnetic clasp and measures UV exposure.

It syncs with the simple, powerful Shade app on your phone and notifies you as you approach your daily UV limit.

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Professional equipment.
Stylish package.

Our sensor was designed at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute in New York and packs the accuracy and precision of much more expensive equipment.

It is sensitive enough to pick up UV rays from light bulbs and stylish enough that it’s often mistaken for jewelry.

Love my Shade!
Sun is NOT my friend!

I don’t go out the door
without it!

Shade gives me
peace of mind.

Try Shade risk-free!

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