Measure UV exposure accurately

Shade is a clinical-grade & wearable UV sensor for clinical studies or personal use

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Shade's unique technology comes with a device, apps, and real-time analytics

Shade semiconductor

A proprietaty & accurate semiconductor to measure the UV index

Our novel & proprietary semiconductor measures the UV index down to 0.001, enough to pick up UV indoors.

Its accuracy competes with $5,000+ scientific-grade instruments to measure the UV index in all sunlight conditions.

A wearable & Bluetooth-connected device ready to be used everywhere

Leveraging our proprietary semiconductor, we developed a waterproof device that measures UV continuously for 5 days on a single charge.

Our wearable device records both instantaneous and cumulative UV exposure.

Wearable UV sensor
UV index

Two distinct smartphone apps for behavioral & clinical studies

Our sensors connect automatically via Bluetooth to mobile applications on both iOS and Android.

We offer two mobile applications: one where UV is shown and one where UV is not shown to the patients.

Raw data, analytics & summary reports in real-time for study coordinators

Your team will be given a centralized access to the raw data measured by all the sensors in your study, as well as summary reports, enabling you to measure adherence and other analytics in real-time.

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