Ultra-accurate clinical-grade wearable UV sensor.

Our UV sensor and its companion app empower anyone to proactively manage sun exposure. Our technology was developed with funding from prestigious US agencies.

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Proven to be 5x to 30x more accurate

UV sensors must "behave" similarly to the skin, i.e. they must be 1,000x more sensitive to UVB than to UVA.

Our UV sensor is demonstrated to be at least 5x more accurate than other available low-cost UV sensors. We published our research in a scientific peer-reviewed journal.

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Sensitivity to UV exposure is personal, so we personalize it.

UV sensitivity is driven by a complex mix of genetics, UV exposure history, and medication. Two persons with the same skin type may have a dramatically different sensitivity to UV.

Our app starts with clinical limits of UV exposure known to trigger skin redness for the main skin types. Based on experience, you can use the Shade app to fine-tune a daily limit of UV exposure that works just for you.

The app sends a notification at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% of this limit so that you are always one step ahead.

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"Love my Shade sensor!"
Morgan H.

Know if your skin is fine before it is too late

When you feel the negative impact of the sun, it is already too late to act. With Shade, you know in real-time your cumulative UV exposure so that you can act before it is too late.

Hundreds of people are using Shade to better manage their sun exposure, and love how accurate and useful the sensor is.

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We lead clinical research in UV behavior

If you obtain the consent of your patients, we can give you access in real-time to the UV exposure behavior of your patients via a secure, password-protected web dashboard.

Our sensors have been used at Northwestern Medical School, Weill-Cornell Medicine, Hopital Europeen, among others. Using Shade UV sensors, Dr. Stump et al. validated a new metric to measure "unprotected" time in sunlight.

Reach out to us to learn more and download our product information below.

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