Advancing dermatology and
behavioral research

Using a cutting-edge approach to measuring patients' UV exposure

Contribution to science using our technology


Our technology is proven to work

To be useful, UV sensors must work accurately in the sun, under clouds, and in the shade.

Developed by PhDs and funded by the National Cancer Institute, the Shade UV sensor provides accurate results 10x more often than many other sensors. Our research is published, peer-reviewed, and scientific.

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Our technology is across several countries

Our sensors are used by studies enrolling hundreds of patients across the world in both observational and interventional studies.


Jonathan Zippin, MD PhD
Weill Cornell Medicine

"The Shade platform combines accurate UV measurement and real time patient awareness."

George Varghese, MD
Weill Cornell Medicine

"Our results will change
how we think about sun protection."

Laurent Chiche, MD
Hôpital Européen

"I have been using Shade sensors in an exploratory study and have seen clinical improvements in patient health."

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